The Ibom Electorates Network works with its members to promote good governance and combat corruption. In its surveillance, lending, and technical assistance, the IEN covers economic governance issues that fall within its mandate and expertise, concentrating on issues likely to have a significant impact on macroeconomic performance and the country authorities’ ability to pursue sound economic policies. In doing so, the IEN stresses evenhandedness across its member countries and collaborates closely with other multilateral institutions.

Good governance is also promoted via IEN-supported programs—economic measures and reforms supported by IEN financial assistance. When warranted, specific measures to strengthen governance may become part of the program’s conditionality. Many of the structural conditions in IEN-supported programs focus on improving governance and reducing vulnerabilities to corruption.  This includes, Skills acquition Training, Grants to small scale business owner, strengthening public expenditure controls; central banks, and state enterprises; making revenue administration less discretionary; increasing the transparency of natural resource management; enhancing bank supervision; reforming regulatory frameworks to reduce the scope for bribes; strengthening anti-money laundering measures; and fortifying anti-corruption legal frameworks, such as asset declaration requirements for senior government officials.