Ibom Electorates Network is a formidable group of Nigerian citizens, who are of voting age with mission as set out under our AIMS and OBJECTIVES. As a civic responsibility-oriented body, is a non-political, non-governmental and non-profit organization based in Akwa Ibom State, the oil-rich Niger Delta region, Southern Nigeria. The forum believes firmly in our country, Nigeria as an indivisible, sovereign nation with diverse cultural and ethnic entities. We strongly believe that if eligible voters perform their civic obligation by registering and obtaining their permanent voter’s cards (PVC), come out during elections to exercise their franchise by voting for any candidate(s) of their choice, it will go a long way in enthroning popular leaders in the respective political offices in the local government areas, state and Nigeria as a whole. We are poised to carrying out sensitization, training and educating voters in these and many more areas to ensure voter’s education towards a stable, functional and result-oriented nation.

Ibom Electorates Network (IEN) is fully registered with appropriate bodies in the State, Country and have solid international Partnerships & affiliations..

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